How to Clean Vomit From Carpet?

Clean Vomit from Carpet

Carpets are known to be the epitome of luxury. When people buy carpets, they look at them as an investment because they are not only used to keep your feet warm on colder days or just as a cloth to keep below your furniture, but they also increase the beauty of your room. Apart from maintaining the aesthetics of your room, carpet has numerous uses; it is not just a piece of cloth. But you might lose your peace of mind when you see that your lovely carpet that matches every decor of your room has been ruined.

Accidents happen all the time on carpets, from stains to wear and tear. Carpets go through everything, but the most horrifying experience that can happen at home is seeing vomit on your carpet. Maybe it was a sick child, your lovely pet ate something in the park, or it was an unfortunate night of an afterparty. Seeing your carpet go through that is the worst of all experiences. Anyway, cleaning vomit from your carpet is never a happy job and quite challenging. But don’t fret; carpet cleaning services are here to guide you with some foolproof methods. Let’s have a deeper look into it.

Methods And Tips to Tackle Such Unpleasant Situation

1. Act Fast, But Stay Calm:

The first and foremost rule of carpet cleaning is to act fast, but more important than acting fast is to stay calm and work on it. However, if the vomit stays on for a long time, it can get deeper and lead to stains and odour.

2. Scrape Of Solids:

It is important to use a towel or a spatula and gently scrape off the solid particles. The aim here is to work on the outside to remove as much bulk as possible without getting it in deeper.

3. Blot, Don’t Rub:

Use more paper towels or a clean cloth to blot the area properly. This will help to soak up all the liquid, which saves the carpet from further getting ruined. Rubbing can push the liquid inside, cause the stains to get harder, and further cause damage to the carpet.

4. Use A Cleaning Solution:

Use a solution to get rid of stains properly. There are many solutions available on the market that can remove stains without being harsh on the carpet. You can also use a home-made solution that has been very effective for people in Kyneton:

Make a solution by taking a cup of warm water with one spoon of dishwashing liquid and add some white vinegar in it. This solution is gentle on most carpets but always performs a patch test in a discoloration area first.

5. Apply The Solution and Bolt:

Take a cloth and dip it into the solution to apply it to the stained area. This method will help prevent the stain from spreading deeper into the carpet.

6. Rinse:

Once the stain is removed from the carpet, rinse it properly with cool water. If the stains are still there, try blotting it again; that will eliminate and remove dirt and stains from it.

7. Use Baking Soda:

Carpet Cleaning Services Kynetonadvises applying baking soda to the damaged area for at least 24 hours to get rid of the odor. Baking soda is an excellent natural odour remover.

8. Use a Vacuum:

Once the carpet is odor- and stain-free, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet thoroughly. That can get you rid of all the dirt and debris that has entered it.

When Should One Call Experts?

If you have tried and tested all the foolproof methods and still can’t get rid of the vomit, stains, and odour from the carpet, Kyneton Carpet Cleaning suggests that it’s time to call in for pros to rescue your carpet. Let’s look at how pros can help with carpet cleaning:


They have deep knowledge about carpets, are experts in cleaning carpets without causing any damage, and make sure to have a proper clean and tidy carpet.

Proper Tools

They are aware of your problems and have the proper tools to provide you with the proper services that are required for your carpets, including cleaning the vomit and stains.

Customised Services

Experts are aware of your love for your carpets and can give you a customised solution, like having a carpet patch instead of replacing it, if the carpet’s condition is getting worse.

Peace of Mind

While doing a DIY by yourself for your carpet can be peaceful, it also brings stress that it might ruin your carpet. Professionals can help you with this problem and give you peace of mind without causing you stress. They can also give you a proper solution.


If you also reside in Kyneton and have vomit or stains and odours on your carpets and can’t get rid of them or are unsure about the methods, then Carpet Cleaning Kyneton has got you covered. Our experts can help you do the job, giving you peace of mind at cost-effective prices. Trust the experts and their knowledge for a deep, thorough cleaning that leaves your carpet looking as good as new. Call us today for a vomit-free carpet, and let your carpets get the love they deserve.

We hope this guide has been informative and helpful. Remember, accidents happen, but with a little patience and knowledge, there’s no stain too tough to tackle!